09. September 2010

Due to technical changes ILC links are changed.
Please check/change your bookmarks

02. March 2010

A new item "ILC Data" has been added

28. September 2006

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer: please see Troubleshooting section.

27. July 2006

A new application has been created for the mechanical adjustment of cavity pick-up and HOM antennae

17. March 2006

Some applications are protected by a new password system.
To get permission to access these applications, please contact Jens Iversen

08. November 2005

A new table and plots for detailed information/statistics of CW-Tests is now available. You can access it via RF-Tests -> Statistics of Best & Last CW-Tests

13. June 2005

For better transparency the Cavity information has been rearranged.

13. April 2005

On some tables the use of the right mouse button offers the possibility to "select" and/or "order" the retrieved records.

13. April 2005

For simplification the 3 tables for the first, last and best CW tests are replaced by one table only.


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