TESLA Collaboration Meeting

DESY 22nd-24th January, 2003

Thursday 23rd January

Welcome; Activities since September, 2002

A. Wagner

TTF II Review Summary

H. Weise



lab reports


L. Garcia-Tabares


D. Miller


A. Cianchi

Uni. of Rostok

U. van Rienen

Uni. of Wuppertal

G. Müller

TEMF , Tu Darmstadt

W. Müller



Linear Collider Network

F. Richard

Activities in ESGARD

D. Trines

Recent TTF results: module 1*

D. Kostin

Recent TTF results: superstructure tests

J. Sekutowicz


Friday 24th January (summaries)

WG I: cavities

L. Lilje

WG II: APD group

W. Decking

Technical Board

C. Pagani

Collaboration Board

A. Wagner


Working Group Reports