TESLA TDR Meeting 3-9 February 2000

Plenary I

D. Trines Introduction
R. Brinkmann Towards the TESLA TDR
A. Mosnier Beam Dynamics
S. Wolff Modules, Magnets, Cables, Power-Supplies, Survey and Alignment
K. Wittenburg Beam Instrumentation and Diagnostics
K. Rehlich Controls: Working plans for TDR
S. Choroba High-power RF
S. Simrock Low-level RF
T. Garvey TESLA Injection Complex
W. Decking TESLA Damping Ring System
N. Walker Status of the Beam Delivery System
W. Bialowons Review Infrastructure and Conventional Facilities - part 1 & part 2
J. Pflueger The X-FEL at TESLA general overview

Working Group I

R. Bacher Thoughts about Controls
S. Choroba Klystron items to be covered by TDR
J. Eckoldt Power Supplies for TESLA
A. Mosnier The "HOT" Topics
J. Prenting Vermessung / Alignment
S. Simrock LLRF Issues for TESLA 500
M. Wendt Beam Position Monitors
S. Wolff Cold Quadrupoles
S. Wolff Modules
K. Zapfe Main Linac - Beam Vacuum, Coupler Vacuum, Isolation Vacuum

Working Group II

M. Jablonka Polarized e- Injector
M. Ferrario A new working point for a split RF photoinjector
K. Floettmann e- source / emittance
T. Limberg Bunch Compression
K. Floettmann Overview of e+ Injector
V. Paramonov e+ Pre-Linac and Transfer Line
W. Decking Overview of Damping Ring
S. Guiducci Damping Ring Cost Estimation
T. Limberg TESLA Damping Ring Bunch Compressor

Working Group III

O. Napoly Beam Extraction and Dump
O. Napoly Beam Optics, Magnet Lattice of Main BDS
O. Napoly Beam-Beam Kink Instability from Wake Fields
I. Reyzl TESLA MHz Feedback
M. Schmitz Fast Extraction for Emergency Dump
M. Schmitz Beam Dumps for TESLA
M. Seidel Some Issues for the Layout of the TESLA Beam Spoilers
K. Zapfe Vacuum System for Beam Delivery System

Working Group IV

W. Bialowons Introduction
A Double Tunnel for TESLA
T. Stoye Overall Layout, Site Considerationa and Tunnel Layout
B. Zimmermann Safety Requirements for TESLA
J.P. Jensen Power Distribution and Tunnel Air
F.-R. Ullrich Water Cooling
S. Choroba Modulator
J. Eckoldt HV Cables
S. Wolff Cryogenic Plants
B. Petersen Module Test Facility
K. Sinram Installation
A. Leuschner Radiation Safety

Working Group V

P. Elleaume Parameter Choice for a SASE Undulator
B. Faatz FEL physics
B. Faatz Beam Based Alignment
J. Feikes Transferline - Needs and Costs
G. Materlik FEL User Requirements
J. Pflueger et al. The X-FEL at TESLA general overview
H. Schulte-Schrepping Photon Beam Lines at TESLA X-ray FEL Undulators
U. Hahn Civil Engineering of FEL Labs.
J. Pflueger Four wire scheme for use in the Slow Switching Magnets
G. Schmidt FEL Electron Beam Diagnostic
Tischer Photon beam based alignment
M. Seidel Wakefield Effects in the Transfer Line
M. Timm Wake Fields of Short Bunches in the Undulator and the Transfer Line
V.M. Tsakanov Beams with different energies (FEL/Collider)
G. Wüstefeld Transferline (TFL)
H. Schlarb Collimation of the TESLA-FEL beam
A. Leuschner Radiation safety for XFEL
Yurkov Road Map to the Undulator Chapter for the TDR

Plenary II Summaries of WGs

S. Simrock Working Group I: Main Linac Summary
M. Ferrario Working Group II: e+e- Sources
F. Stephan Working Group II: Photo Injector Test Stand
W. Decking Working Group II: Damping Rings and Transfer Lines
O. Napoly Working Group III: BDS Summary
W. Bialowons Working Group IV: Infrastructure
H. Edwards Working Group IV: Tunnel Environment
K. Floettmann Working Group V: FEL
J. Pflueger Working Group V: Undulator