TESLA TDR Meeting 3-9 February 2000 - WG Organisation

Suggestions for the organisation of the TESLA meeting at Zeuthen, Feb. 3 9, 2000

Assumptions: five main working groups + two plenary sessions

WG-I Main Linac (conveners: A. Mosnier, S. Simrock, S. Wolff)

WG-II Injection System (conveners: M. Ferrario, T. Garvey, W. Decking)

WG-III Beam Delivery System (Conveners: M. Castellano, O. Napoly, N. Walker)

WG-IV Infrastructure and Conventional Facilities (Conveners: W. Bialowons, H. Edwards)

WG-V FEL-specific topics (Conveners: K Flöttmann, J. Pflüger)