TTC Related Meetings & Workshops

October 2018

The 8th International Workshop on Thin Films and New Ideas for Pushing the Limits of RF Superconductivity will take place from October 8 - 10, 2018, INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro. For detailed Information please click here.

The 2nd Workshop on Cryomodule Microphonics & Resonance Control will take place on October 25 and 26, 2018. The Workshop will be hosted by Brookhaven National Lab and Jefferson Lab.

November 2018

There will be a TTC Topical Workshop „Flux trapping and magnetic shielding" on November 8 and 9, 2018 at CERN.

December 2018

The Third Asian School on Superconductivity and Cryogenics for Accelerators (ASSCA2018) will take place at IHEP, Beijing, from December 10 - 16, 2018. For more Information please click ASSCA2018.

June/July 2019

The 19th International Conference on RF Superconductivity (SRF2019) will take place at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf from June 30 to July 5, 2019. For more Information please click SRF2019

TTC Related Meetings of the Past
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