TTC Organisation

The collaboration ist based on cooperative work on SCRF accelerator technology by research groups at Collaboration Members' laboratories and test facilities.

The Organisation rests on the following structures:

  • The Collaboration Board,

  • the Technical Board providing advice to the Collaboration on technical activities toward reaching the goals of the Collaboration Mission,

  • the Executive Committee.

TTC Management (February 2018)

TTC Chair

Hans Weise (DESY)

Deputy Chair

Bob Laxdal (TRIUMF)

Technical Board Chair

Eiji Kako (KEK)

Technical Board, Deputy Chair

Wolf-Dietrich Möller

Executive Committee:


US Regional Representative

Sergey Belomestnykh (FNAL)

EU Regional Representative

Paolo Pierini (ESS)

Asia Regional Representative

Akira Yamamoto (KEK/CERN)

Administrative Support

Katrin Lando (DESY)


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