TTC Organisation

The collaboration ist based on cooperative work on SCRF accelerator technology by research groups at Collaboration Members' laboratories and test facilities.

The Organisation rests on the following structures:

  • The Collaboration Board,

  • the Technical Board providing advice to the Collaboration on technical activities toward reaching the goals of the Collaboration Mission,

  • the Executive Committee.

TTC Management (February 2018)

TTC Chair

Hans Weise (DESY)

Deputy Chair

Bob Laxdal (TRIUMF)

Technical Board Chair

Eiji Kako (KEK)

Technical Board, Deputy Chair

Detlef Reschke

Executive Committee:


US Regional Representative

Sergey Belomestnykh (FNAL)

EU Regional Representative

Paolo Pierini (ESS)

Asia Regional Representative

Akira Yamamoto (KEK/CERN)

Administrative Support

Katrin Lando (DESY) and Alexandra Doerner (DESY),


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